Thursday, May 30, 2013


I like this quote from the book, Boundaries:

“The first thing you need to learn is that the person who is angry at you for setting boundaries is the one with the problem...Maintaining your boundaries is good for other people; it will help them learn what their families of origin did not teach them: to respect other people.

“Do not let anger be a cue for you to do something. People without boundaries respond automatically to the anger of others. They rescue, seek approval, or get angry themselves. There is great power in inactivity. Do not let an out-of-control person be the cue for you to change your course. Just allow him to be angry and decide for yourself what you need to do.” (p.248)
Not acting is sometimes the hardest thing to do, yet I've seen it work over and over again. Stare down a room of rowdy kids without saying anything and they'll quiet down on their own. I need to practice inaction!

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