Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kiwi Chomp

For today's post, I'm going to talk about a game I just made. I'm learning how to make games using Construct2. It's free to use and learn from. I like that it's easy to understand and grasp the basics of making a game. Using sprites, the term for a 2D computer graphic that is part of the game, (Mario and mushrooms are sprites--Pacman is a sprite) is really painless. So... I made my first game from scratch. I've been through a a lot of the Construct2 tutorials and I'd especially recommend the Beginner's Guide, the Pacman clone, and moving backgrounds.

For this game, I really wanted to focus on what I'd learned, not go crazy with the graphics... obviously! I drew the kiwi and legs, made some simple animations for the sprites and got going. It took around 3 hours to set up the basics of the game from scanning to adding the sprites, behaviors and game "logic." Then I tweaked it another 3 or 4 hours until everyone in my house was sick of trying out my "new and improved" kiwi game and decided it was "good enough."

So, my "good enough" game is ready. I kind of like the hand-drawn look.

See Kiwi Chomp on my website.

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