Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween wig: Medusa

I'm revealing the wig that I'll be wearing today! It's a Medusa snake wig. I think there's like 100 little plastic snakes, some ribbon, feathers and some itchy plant stuff from the dollar store glued to the shower cap I used as a base. I hope the rest of the costume turns out as well!

Medusa Wig

For my kids, we made two costumes together. My son and I built a robot costume out of cardboard, duct tape and spray paint. I apparently need to still add wheels to the side of the costume since it's not just a "robot" but a "transformer." Well, that's too easy to do with a glue-gun and who doesn't have a few wheels lying around the house? LOL. Actually, there's a broken toy in the shed I think I'll use for the wheels. My daughter and I worked on a snow leopard costume. Aubrey, my partner, says she's going to go as a cowgirl.  Pictures forthcoming! :)

UPDATE: Pictures! Me at work and the fam getting ready to trick or treat. All costumes hand made! :D

Hope your Halloween was fun!!!!

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