Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Book donation: What the Bible is All About

This book was donated to our library today. I love the cover. It looks like he is looking for answers--for what?... I'll let your imagination roam.

Here's the Bib info:

Mears, Henrietta. What the Bible is All About: An easy to understand survey of the Bible. Regal Books Division, 1953. ISBN: 0-8307-0072-2

Favorite passage after flipping through it from page 448:
"God has X-rayed the human heart and has given us the picture. He shows us what He finds in us all. The findings are so terrible that they cannot be read in a mixed audience. But remember, this is the picture of us that God sees."

Retro cover: 4 stars
Depressing interpretation of a holy book: 1 star

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